Model Envy

My first post art school job was as studio manager and 1st assistant to a fashion photographer.  I was much younger (and thinner!) then, I was into the hot models of the day and read every fashion magazine out there.My friends and family would ask me, “What is it like working with those models?”  “Are you intimidated by them?”, “Are you jealous, they are so beautiful!”

Well, I knew the truth.  At 9:00am in walks a plain, gangly alien child you would only stare at because she is freakishly tall.  Three hours of expert hair & make up and on set walks a stunning swan.

So no, I was never jealous of a model…until:

Flash forward 10+ years and I am working on a pharmaceutical shoot with Richard Bowditch.  It’s July, its 88 degrees and 80% humidity, the sun is brutal.

My envy of our model Arnold turned me into a greener eyed monster.  YES I was jealous!  YES I wanted to be him!

You would have felt the same way on that brutally hot & humid day!

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