My Thursday at Sandbox Studios

On Thursday I spent the day at Sandbox shooting a portrait project with Bob Scott. We had 5 people over 70 years old portraying different characters and it was hysterical. Everyone had a good time, I love shoots like that where the team vibe is “on” the actors are willing to anything and  everyone laughs all day.  Here are some shots I hijacked from Bob’s blog:

I have to say some things about Sandbox Studios.  First, I hate traveling there because I take the 1 train which is very close to it and I am forced to cross the ramps that lead to the Holland Tunnel and it is like Frogger!  I risk my life every time I go there.  Once I get there, it’s a whole different story.  They have many large studios and they are always full.  The place is a once stop shop for many clients for catalog & ecommerce. Thursday Talbots, Coach, JCrew were some of the companies shooting there- the studio handles all the pre & post production it’s quite an operation!

Back in the 90’s I would work at a similar place where they would shoot, design & print catalogs and the place was a dump and everyone was miserable.  At SB the staff is really friendly, helpful and generous.  One of my pet peeves about studios is being nickeled and dimed, like if you take a water or soda out of the studio fridge you get billed $2.00, coffee you pay for or there isn’t any coffee, beverages or water cooler at all.  SB offers water, soda, tea and good coffee.  At 3PM there were snacks!  I am sure whomever is reading this thinks “Who cares you have catering!” that’s not the point.  Offering free fresh coffee all day is just good customer service and that is my point.  Check out the place if you can get a booking there since they seem to always have a full house (which to me is a sign the biz might be picking up!).

Now, so they don’t feel bad I have to give a shout to my home away from home Go Studios another wonderful place to work.

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