Mike’s Hard Punch Party!

Before the holidays I cast & produced a shoot for Mike’s Hard Punch with Bob Scott.  Our challenge was to create a hip “loft” party with lots of 25+ year olds on a tight budget.

We had folks offering their help with casting & locations, but they fell thru and my response to all that was  “leave it to the professional”- I cracked my knuckles and got to work!

The original idea that was thrown at me was to find a “real” apartment lived in by 20-somethings.  Not such a good idea if you don’t want a space filled with clutter.  The plan was to have at least 40 people in the shot, dancing, hanging in the kitchen and having Bob & crew room to move around.  Since the idea was to shoot at night, I didn’t want to be in a space where the cops would show up at midnight and shut us down.  So, after seeing “lived in spaces” and having them rejected by Bob- I emailed him the link to Gary’s Loft in Brooklyn- 3rd floor.  I had done a shoot there a few years back, HUGE loft with moveable furniture, big open kitchen with an island and two bathrooms.  DONE!  We found our space and since most of our 20 something’s live in and around Williamsburg it was a great location.

Casting wise Bob invited some people he knew and I put out a notice, emailed a couple of agents I know who would want their young talent to get some experience and of course I reached out to my young assistants and their friends.

At the time of the shoot we ended up with 50 partygoers, the additional folks came from the ad agency Arnold NY.  A great diverse bunch that were there to have fun and drink some Mikes Hard Punch!

We had tons of snacks, 30 pizzas and 40 cases of Mike’s Hard Punch in 2 flavors- it was a party!  The great thing about putting a bunch of strangers together in a fun atmosphere is everyone becomes friends and has a good time, you can see it in the pictures.  It was a fun shoot that I really enjoyed being a part of.

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