“The shoot of the puddle has to be postponed again due to rain”

It’s been a while, yes I have been a bit busy but honestly I have had a bit of writers block.

In May Kyle from The New Cruelty called me and asked if I could go on set and manage a shoot that he produced but could not be on set do to a planned trip to Poland.  He explained the original shoot date was pushed back due to rain.  I was sent the layout and came to learn that the shot was a woman’s legs walking past a puddle.  A puddle!  I spoke to photographer Joshua Dalsimer and he told me of his plan to have a “controlled” puddle.  A puddle whose size & shape could be created as per the client.  He explained that he had found some FX materials that could create a puddle and therefore, we needed a clear night with no rain to shoot.

We set a date for the following week, as the day approached the weather reports were dismal. We had planned the shoot on a Tuesday night, on Monday I had to contact the crew to inform them that the shoot was canceled and we are going to try again Wednesday night.

Wednesday’s weather reports looked promising, there was a 70% chance of rain. Joshua & I decided to just go for it & get it done.  We were lucky, the weather held up.  We had some really funny comments/questions from the public.  It worked out THANK GOD!  I would like everyone to know that the puddle you see on the Rue La La home page is 100% WATER!  Yes, that sexy puddle is made of H2O.

It’s quite fabulous isn’t it?

Joshua is repped by Snyder/Redux:  http://www.snyderredux.com                       Joshua’s site:   http://www.dalsimerphoto.com

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