Over the years I haven’t traveled outside the United States as much as I would like.

Since 2006 I have been casting & producing image libraries for clients like Hewlett Packard, Intel, Fidelity Investments & CA (aka Computer Associates) one of the things that would come up is the “regional”.  The client would ask for help as the Producer to make sure the shots look “global” with casting and locations.  Sometimes I have been asked to create a “real” regional scenario, i.e. a call center in Mumbai, a meeting in Tokyo… This is something the wardrobe stylist, prop stylist and myself would share research we had collected. I find other cultures really interesting and while working on a recent job for the Middle East I learned all the different types of head scarves for women AND men and different types of traditional clothing.  I know what each piece of traditional clothing is called but due to my NJ/NY accent, I don’t pronounce them as well as I should.

My additional job as a Casting Director demands I know that “Arabs” are from Arabia/Middle East, Indians are Asian and Egyptians are actually African. Unlike Hollywood, for most of my clients I cannot hire a Latin person to portray an Indian person for an ad running only in India.  I know the difference between “Latin” and “Hispanic”.  I pride myself on knowing the difference between Korean, Japanese, Chinese and “South East Asian”.

So maybe I don’t physically travel the world, but damn I feel VERY worldly.

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