P&G (shooting Fall in July)

In July I cast & produced a shoot for P&G (Proctor & Gamble).  It was for their Brand Savers that would be released in the Fall.

Thanks to Judy Sillen @ Allencrest Locations we had a great home with a large yard and a tire swing.  The big tree in the yard was dropping little seedpods that look like leaves and I also added dried leaves in many colors from American Foliage.

The day of the shoot it was in the 80’s & humid- I felt bad for the models since they were wearing sweaters and jackets.  Of course I made sure we had plenty of water, coconut water and Gatorade.  I remembered a shoot I had done years earlier for a fur company- NYC rooftop terrace, during a heatwave- model wearing leather pants & fur coats.  It was brutal, but hey that’s fashion!  It was a good day, we worked with a great team & a great bunch of models.

Photographer- Sven Weiderholt



some behind the scenes shots


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