Worldly (?) Part 2- The “Geo”

During the course of my Production career, I have done many corporate image libraries.  One of the things that were very important for the financial sector was “Geos”.  When you have a client that has offices all over the world they want to get some scenarios that represent their international offices.  I have replicated a call center in Mumbai in doing this the big question was do women dress traditional or Western, the answer is both.  I had come to learn that in Japan plants in the office are not acceptable.

I have cast & produced shoots for GE (which can be seen in this blog), which we recreating India in the studio- my job was mostly based on casting and hiring a stylist to go and get authentic clothing (kameez, lehengas or yes and the saree).

A few months ago I helped photographer Walter Smith with a quick shoot for Coca Cola for the China market.  I found him a couple of young Chinese actresses and the Art Director told us about the perfect place in Flushing, Queens to shoot.  I don’t know a lot about Queens, I do know that there are large sections of Asian communities.  I know the part of Queens where I tell the stylists to get affordable Indian clothing.  I had no clue that Flushing is the real Chinatown until I got out of the cab- a completely different world!  Our shoot was in a food court in a mall- all versions of Chinese food, all signage in Chinese, bright, colorful and the smell was amazing!  Even better, the place was crowded and no one bothered us!

I want to spend a day in Flushing exploring & shopping, who’s with me?

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