Ruining it for everybody.

During the course of my production career I have noticed rules, regulations and things that are verboten.I have come to find over the years, these rules have been made and changed due to someone else’s bad behavior.

Hence- “some jerk ruined it for everyone”.

Example 1)  “The Mirror Has Two Faces” directed by Barbra Streisand


Never a fan of hers, I do like that song “My Heart Belongs To Me”.

So, in her director mode she directed & starred in this movie “The Mirror Has Two Faces” .  Her shoot went way over schedule; this shoot was concentrated in the Upper West Side/Columbia University area. She managed to piss off so many people that they went to their community board and demanded that this never happen ever again.  Film crews are obnoxious.  The production trucks run constantly and run loudly.  If it’s a lighting truck, it can inadvertently light up your apartment like its daytime.  Needless to say, Ms Streisand’s quest for “perfection” really annoyed the community and there are blocks uptown where filming is next to impossible to permit.

Example 2)  The Sopranos

Montclair, NJ a great place to shoot Life Style!  Great homes to shoot and close enough to NYC!

Well, they have a strict permit policy, if they approve your shoot it will cost you $500.00.  BUT they need to OK the location and the shoot- if you are a homeowner and your house is listed as a location you are only allowed to rent it out 2X a year. I once had a house the client really wanted, the house was on hold for an AT&T commercial before our shoot and we are all nervous because that AT&T shoot would have been the 2nd booking that year and then we wouldn’t be able to shoot there.

You must put an alert letter in the mailbox of all the neighbors on the block 48 hours before the shoot. If a neighbor objects, you can be shut down. They do this because The Sopranos shot all over the area, the exterior of the Soprano home was in Montclair- once again film crews are obnoxious (film/TV same difference) and they managed to piss off the town…


 Example 3) Here is a new one!   Men In Black 3

Did you know that the use and parking of motor homes have to be permitted?  Did you know you need a permit from the D.O.T.?  The D.O.T. needs to approve from which way the motor home can enter NYC? Which bridge or tunnel?

Oh yeah.  This is a recent thing thanks to Will Smith’s use of double decker motor home during the filming of MIB3 in Soho.

(look at this ridiculous thing!)


I found this out because I applied for a NYC shooting permit and I listed a motor home as part of my vehicle list and I got a call from the Film Office telling me I needed a permit from the D.O.T.! It’s $35.00 and you have to physically go to the offices downtown!

Thanks Will Smith, thanks a bunch!

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