Vanguard 529 College Savings Program Shoot


This year I cast & produced a shoot for the NYS 529 College Savings Program.  This is the job where I went to Miami to cast for 2 days and had to shut it down early & almost started a riot. I booked 11 kids ages 3-8 yrs. old all ethnicities & 9 adults 30-70 years old all ethnicities.

Day 1 at a home- All talent was needed. It was a lot of people! The adults (models & parents) chatted and the kids played together. Great energy!

Day 2 at a cute elementary school (no I didn’t break out in hives!)

Today on a packed 1 train I saw one of the ads, it was too crowded for me to take a picture…so while I wait for pdfs (hopefully) here are some shots.





Photographer:  Bob Scott                                                                 Props: Belinda Scott  (no relation, in fact on set there were 3 “gingers” with the last name Scott!)                                                                                                                                       Wardrobe:  Holli Kingsbury             Make Up & Hair: Vickie Granado

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