The Face of America

I like people.

They fascinate me, different cultures are so interesting to me.

My job casting & producing corporate image libraries for international companies has made me learn a lot about the world outside NYC.

Being a White Anglo Saxon Protestant (W.A.S.P.), in some parts of America I am the norm.

BUT- I live in the predominately black neighborhood of Central Harlem, I am the minority.

Yes, I said black.  Black people refer to themselves as “black”.  I used the term “African American” once while chatting with neighbors in the laundry room and Carla, whose family is from Jamaica, corrected me.  Many Caribbean people don’t like being called “African American”, they prefer “black”.   Interesting.

So…I am a media/pop culture junkie.  I love watching TV and I actually like commercials.  Over the past few years advertisers have been more creative with their casting.  Ikea casting same sex couples, inter racial same sex couples was bold & exciting.  I saw a Wal-Mart commercial with a Latin woman/Caucasian man couple, an investment services company featuring a real family consisting of a black dad, white mom and their 3 teen age children, Philadelphia Cream Cheese featuring a hip young couple consisting of a black woman & white man.  This is exciting, realistic and then General Mills produces this Cheerios commercial.

BRAVO- a modern family!

Well, some very “vocal” people were greatly offended.  GM had to disable the comments section on due to the amount of racist comments posted.  Huh? Really?  This is 2013!  I saw a census report that there are over 3 million people out there in inter-racial marriages and are raising multi ethnic children.

The data shows “we’re becoming much more of an integrated, multiracial society,” says demographer William Frey of the Brookings Institution.

The fact that General Mills disabled the comments section BUT continues to run the spot (a lot) is great.

That brings me to Miss America.

Miss America contestant, Miss New York Nina Davuluri reacts after being chosen winner of the 2014 Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City, New Jersey

I was so happy that the pagent returned to Atlantic City!

Did you know that the Miss America organization is the largest awarder of scholarships to women in the USA?  Yup.  You have to be pretty AND smart!

I watched the pageant this past weekend I loved that Miss Kansas is an Army vet & has the Serenity Prayer tattooed on her body, Miss Iowa was born missing half her arm and that Miss Alaska is black.

Who won?  Miss New York who is of Indian decent and who is using the $50K in scholarship money to go to medical school.

Well the haters came out- calling her a “terrorist”, “not American”.  Disgusting.

She was born in Syracuse, New York & is proud of it! (go figure, LOL!)

These examples are the face of AMERICA.  The melting pot, the most amazing country in the world.  Our faces are getting tanner & browner and that is the reality.  Deal with it.

Signed- Desiree Kennedy, a very pale, blonde, green eyed person.

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