Got kids? Start saving!: NYS 529 College Savings Plan!

A few weeks ago I walked into the subway and saw one of the ads I cast & produced for NYS 529 College Savings Plan.  I was excited because it was shot last November!

I am working on getting my hands on more shots, but for now-this is what I got.

It was a two day shoot, day one in the studio and day two on location at a private home on Long Island.  We had 14 kids aged 3-10, they were fun!

This was the second campaign I cast & produced.  The first one was shot in Miami with a different agency.  I got the call about this because the client was pleased with my work and told the new agency to call me.  It is always nice when your hard work is recognized in a positive way.

This campaign was shot by Franco Vogt, with whom I first worked with on a multi day, multi location shoot for a tobacco brand.  Franco, who is a Dad is also a big kid himself and his warmth and humor set the tone with the kids.


529 Bike Girl

529_Little Football Boy

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