I bet by now you have seen the “NYC PLAYS SURE” campaign on the subway!

December 15, 2015

It is EVERYWHERE! The launch of the print campaign and the video spot was December 1, World AIDS Day.  Photographer James Weber, myself and a couple of the models met at the Apollo Theater and were part of the celebration!

We are so excited about the amazing feedback the campaign has gotten! We had Carmen Carrera again participate and be the “voice” of “Play Sure”, we also had Seven King; Trans actor, writer, producer of the web series “Eden’s Garden” join us.  I cast HIV+, gay, straight, black, brown, pink and beige as well.  The energy was amazing and I left that 3 day shoot with 11 new friends.  Much love and respect to our cast, crew, agency Bandujo & NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene!


SEVEN&CARMEN_PLAY SURECARMEN: Twitter: @carmen_carrera ♥ Instagram: @carmen_carrera  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carmencarrerafans  SEVEN: Seven King Entertainment https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSlg4c-OAU3pUa6kEBbpmdQ   ARTICLE ON EBONY.com: http://www.ebony.com/entertainment-culture/edens-garden-explores-the-lives-of-black-trans-men-333#axzz3uQDpNQBf

KEN&GERMAN_PlaySureKen & German

Carolina, Chantele & Ron


Justin and Jeff Beler – learn about Jeff’s work with “Love Heals” http://observer.com/2015/10/love-heals-foundation-dedicates-brooklyn-mural-project-to-aids-activist-alison-gertz/

Check out the final video here:


One Response to “I bet by now you have seen the “NYC PLAYS SURE” campaign on the subway!”

  1. Being in the field for 16 years and living with AIDS for 20 years this year and very healthy I am so happy to see these ads….
    Knowledge is power
    Education is the key

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