Save a Life

If you live in a community or watch the news- you know that opioid addiction is a big and growing problem in our country.  In the tri-state area death by opioid overdose his at an all time high.  Personally, when I visit my family in NJ, I have been shocked by the amount of 19, 20, 23, 24 year old people in the obituary section of the Asbury Park Press.

It is shocking and sad.

I was asked to cast the campaign by the NYC Dept of Health’s ad agency; to find people who had personal stories.  Not professional EMTs, Doctors or Nurses, but folks who “saved” friends and family.  I listened to a lot of stories, some broke my heart.

The people in this campaign are not actors/models.  They are 100% real New Yorkers like you and me.  Their stories are true.

If you would like to be trained on what to do if someone is overdosing and to get a FREE Naloxone kit check out this site:

Photographer: James Weber

Stylist: Mindy Saad  Grooming: Mahfud Ibrahim  Backdrop: Oliphant  Studio: Go Studios

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