Be A Youth Development Specialist

This is a recruitment campaign to have adults consider working with “at risk youth”.

We spent the day at a juvenile detention facility, everyone you see on camera is a cast actor.  I have shot in prisons before so I wasn’t surprised when my purse and phone were put in a locker, the crew? Oh my.  Every minute they had available Hair/Make Up and Wardrobe were running to their lockers checking their phones.  I felt it liberating    (I know bad choice of words).

This is a great PSA, a great program.  If you are interested in being a kick ass mentor to at risk kids, check it out!

The Video/TV portion was fun, especially when I did the voice over casting.  Finding the right voice really makes a difference!





“For every young person whose sexuality or gender identity is dismissed, the NYC Unity Project is here for you, with health services, someone to talk to, housing services & more.”

This is the print & commercial campaign produced for the launch of the NYC Unity Project for LGBTQ youth. We worked with a group of awesome young people back in February!

Director:Larry Baglio  

Still Photographer/Creative Director: Bob Brothers

Wardrobe: Mindy Saad  Make Up: Kim Baker  Sound: Andre Logan & Keith Lombardi Crew: Sarah Stein, Duck, Rico & Sebastian Beckmann


2 BOYS SUBWAYZaria_Subway



This is newest “Sure” campaign from The New York City Department of Health.

“Living Sure” is geared toward all women; Cis, Trans, Pregnant, Nursing, Young & Mature. Once again, it was a fun casting (until Drew started playing Christmas music, LOL!).

Protecting yourself from unwanted pregnancy & STDs is important, but also the campaign seeks to educate women about PrEP. PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a daily pill that can greatly reduce HIV infection risks for anyone, including women.

I feel very strongly about this issue, our Ob-Gyn doctors don’t tell us about PrEP.  December 1st was World AIDS Day 2017, a report was released that HIV infection amongst gay men was on the decline while infection rate in women was rising.  I hope this campaign will start the conversation between sexually active women and their doctors.

Photographer: James Weber www.jamesweberstudio  Wardrobe: Mindy Saad, Make Up: Kim Baker, Hair: Blaire Warren   Crew: Rico & Duck


Here are some of the commercials created for the “We Understand” campaign to let people know about the City’s domestic violence helpline. I was so fortunate to find such amazing people to participate in this campaign.

“NYC HOPE” to combat domestic violence

The latest campaign out for NYC.  NYC-HOPE is a campaign and a service to combat domestic violence.  It reaches out to ALL New Yorkers.  This is the print campaign.

Casting & Coordinating- Desiree Kennedy Productions

Photographer-James Weber. Wardrobe-Mindy Saad. Make Up-Kim Baker                       Hair-Liz Beth Tapia Crew- Duck, Rico & Sebastian


Part 2 to “Growing Up NYC” this campaign is geared toward teens. I cast and produced this wonderful job with Director Larry Baglio for the Mayor’s office and the NYC Department of Health.