This is newest “Sure” campaign from The New York City Department of Health.

“Living Sure” is geared toward all women; Cis, Trans, Pregnant, Nursing, Young & Mature. Once again, it was a fun casting (until Drew started playing Christmas music, LOL!).

Protecting yourself from unwanted pregnancy & STDs is important, but also the campaign seeks to educate women about PrEP. PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a daily pill that can greatly reduce HIV infection risks for anyone, including women.

I feel very strongly about this issue, our Ob-Gyn doctors don’t tell us about PrEP.  December 1st was World AIDS Day 2017, a report was released that HIV infection amongst gay men was on the decline while infection rate in women was rising.  I hope this campaign will start the conversation between sexually active women and their doctors.

Photographer: James Weber www.jamesweberstudio  Wardrobe: Mindy Saad, Make Up: Kim Baker, Hair: Blaire Warren   Crew: Rico & Duck


Here are some of the commercials created for the “We Understand” campaign to let people know about the City’s domestic violence helpline. I was so fortunate to find such amazing people to participate in this campaign.

“NYC HOPE” to combat domestic violence

The latest campaign out for NYC.  NYC-HOPE is a campaign and a service to combat domestic violence.  It reaches out to ALL New Yorkers.  This is the print campaign.

Casting & Coordinating- Desiree Kennedy Productions

Photographer-James Weber. Wardrobe-Mindy Saad. Make Up-Kim Baker                       Hair-Liz Beth Tapia Crew- Duck, Rico & Sebastian


Part 2 to “Growing Up NYC” this campaign is geared toward teens. I cast and produced this wonderful job with Director Larry Baglio for the Mayor’s office and the NYC Department of Health.


December 1: World AIDS Day

FROM THE DAILY MAIL: HIV diagnoses have reached an all-time low in New York City, new figures reveal.

A report released today by the New York City Department of Health showed 2,279 new diagnoses were recorded in 2016 – a nine percent drop from the 2,493 new cases in 2015.

The biggest decrease in infections was seen among gay men, dropping 15 percent from 1,450 new cases in 2015 to 1,236 new cases a year later.

But while activists and public health officials rejoice, they warn there is one caveat: the rate of new diagnoses among women went up, suggesting public health campaigns may not have spoken to every demographic.
‘I feel very optimistic and motivated by these new figures,’ Dr Demetre Daskalakis, deputy commissioner for the health department, told Daily Mail Online.

‘It’s exciting, especially considering that many of New York City’s innovative “Ending the Epidemic” programming only really got off the ground in late 2016!

‘These 2016 numbers are a harbinger or good things to come as these new programs have more time to make an impact on HIV transmission.’

From Desiree: I am so honored and proud of the work I do for the NYC Department of Health and their “Be Sure” “Play Sure” and “Stay Sure” campaigns.  The message is working, “protect yourself, take precautions and know your status”!

‘Child Asthma Action’ TV Commercial

Child Asthma is a serious health issue.  This PSA from the NYC Dept of Health gives parents tools to manage their child’s asthma and to keep kids healthy, so they can be kids!

Casting & Production by Desiree Kennedy Productions, working with Director Larry Baglio on another successful PSA!

Larry Baglio:

Wardrobe: Mindy Saad, Hair & Make Up: Tanya DeJesus & Eva Moshouris,                   Props & Sets: Natasha Senko. Location: DREAM Charter School East Harlem, NYC